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More News This Week

Posted by onlineiwa on October 8, 2009 at 2:36 PM Comments comments (10)
  • I must apologize for acting like a dick in my last news post. I think the real issue is that I don't have a computer and can not update as frequent or as detailed as I would like. Sometimes I'd rather just drop it entirely than to do it half assed. The good people on this site did not deserve to be talked to like that just for simply wanting more content. Power Rankings will be up shortly and I am working on showing standings which will include each personality's win-loss record as well as a point system. For example, if you perform on Aftershock, you get 10 exposure points. If you win that match, you get another 10. If you lose, you get -10. Aftershock main event, or a match on a big show is worth 20 exposure points. Title matches and and other such things factor in as modifiers. This will be up soon.
  • It looks for and more likely that IWA Forver will run as planned for the 2009 season finale. Word is that the permit will not be granted for use of the microphone and sound system, but we should be ready to go with the final show sometime this month. Tom Brown spoke to the mayor who made these revelations that we really aren't doing anything wrong, but won't be granted a permit for sound devices as mentioned. Jerry Consilly's petition seemed to have really made waves and a special thanks goes out to these to for working dilligently to ensure a proper ending to this miraculous season of IWA. More details will be available as they come in....
  • IWA Booker Jeremy Garofolo has become increasingly agitated with lobbying that some workers have been doing for themselves as well as fans or friends on their behalf. Some folks feel the need to ask for title shots, more wins, better spots on the card and other things that only benefit them and not the IWA. We won't mention names unless it continues, so keep it cool. We trust Jeremy to run our shows for the greater benefit  of the IWA, not any one individual. This isn't exactly a backyard promotion anymore where we can just pass belts around to feed egos. We are responsible for running a le togitimate product where we entertain not only ourselves, but those who pack the yard each show.
  • You may have noticed nothing in this news feed is "fake news". This is legit, and I have been instructed by the booker as a means of "keeping it real" and reaching out to those that may need to hear something.
  • Special thanks goes out to Marissa Montalvo, aka Miss Savannah, who does more than most workers as far as posting pics the night of the show, organizing the facebook events, playing mediator amongst those who don't keep regular contact. She has been nothing short of a blessing to all of us. She picks the ball up when nobody asks her to, always looking around asking "What can I do?"


News For Both Of You That Still Look At This Site

Posted by onlineiwa on October 6, 2009 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (24)
  • No official word on whether or not another show will run this year at the regular IWA Home, 326 Nebraska. Two weeks ago, IWA officials looked into the possibility of Shots Bar in Lorain. The site seems to have great capacity as well as a high fence. However, the ring would have to be broken down and moved at the end of every show, and we frankly don't have the manpower to do that all the time.
  • This week, the head of the house had gone out and garnered many signatures in an effort to turn into city hall and be granted permission to run one last show or even s short series of shows this year.
  • It looks as though IWA Forever will be promoted as an indy show, with no hype or build for each matches. Depending on the housing situation, shows may continue on this way if there is a next year, meaning that many workers won't be able to develop much further, or at an even slower pace
  • The Rumble was booked and written by Jerry Consilly, though he pushed for Zhane to go all the way to the last two, the head booker made one change to Consilly's prposed rumble involving the afformentioned last two.
  • $1,873.63 is still owed on the wrestling ring. We need to continue to pump donations and the workers need to make a better effort to pay on a regular basis. We all agreed when Jeremy bought the ring, that we will pay to play, He pays out of his pocket just as much as he asks us all to. Again, we all agreed on this when we decided to take IWA to the next level and acquired the ring. As much as this has been for fun, we now have the obligation to entertain the masses that fill the yard each week
  • For those who don't undertsand how time consuming keeping up with the site is, well, its very time consuming. Power Rankings are thought out and written to the highest of my capabilities as are show recaps. Graphics also take many hours to tweak and perfect. I don't like to do anything half-assed, but I simply don't have the time for it. I work full time, I go to school full time and I don't have a computer. I can only do this when my time and Jeremy's time sync together, and that is not often, so I worry about graphics for the dvd's primarily. We have forums, and word of mouth travels. There is no such thing as news that everyone doesn't hear through the grapevine, so it's kinda unproductive to sit here and make up fake news. Facebook has been our best promotional tool. I can access it from my phone and answer any question anyone might have  Face it, nobody reads this site anymore and its evidenced by the forums and by the poll that was put up on Desperate Measures weekend. I voted twice out of ten votes. Jeremy and Jay each voted once.....10 votes total. Anyway, you're on this site as a short means of social networking. This site sucks as a poor substitute for a real social networking site. So do yourself a favor, and sign up on one. Guarantee you'll be in the loop because its easy and accessible. Two weeks ago, I gave the password out, and as far as I'm concerned, this site is open source, so if something you're looking for isn't here, put it up. But that's hardly entertaining, is it? I'm just saying, I don't plan on maintaining this site anymore. It doesn't entertain me to read and look over the work I do. I don't get paid for this, I pay into it. I'm at every show at noon setting up, making signs, and ready to train whoever shows up. Nobody is ever there before five, so it doesn't leave much time. Stop worrying about what I, Jeremy, or Tom do and don't do. Ask yourself: what can I do to contribute and make the product better or run smoother so as to lessen the load on individuals who are being spread extremely thin to make this thing work
  • I'm sorry to come off like a dick, but everyone's under alot of stress and pressure lately. Our backs are to the wall and it just seems like there's too much standing around asking what's going on. Well, we'll tell you when we know, but we're also open to ideas.

Tonight is Desperate Measures

Posted by onlineiwa on September 20, 2009 at 10:32 AM Comments comments (23)

Tonight is Desperate Measures and from top to bottom this is going to be the most interesting IWA Show of all time. We are running high coming off the biggest show of the year last month, and we are heading into the grand finale IWA Forever!

  • The Last Man Standing Match between IWA Champion "Handsome" Tommy Kane and Challenger Jay Black will open the show tonight. This is a first in the IWA, and you don't want to miss the IWA title being defended for the first time ever in a last man standing match! The loser of this match gets one more shot at greatness as they will be entered into The Rumble at the end of the night.
  • The second match of the evening will be between A Slap and The Avenger. Both these men will also take part in the Rumble later on in the evening.
  • The match prior to The Rumble will be between onlineIWA Champion: Inferno and Trauma. This is the rubber match, and the final battle in this feud. Both men will also be in the Rumble.
  • And yes folks, the main event of the evening is the 15 Man over-the-top-rope RUMBLE! The winner will recieve a shot at the IWA Championship on the final show of the year: IWA Forever!
  • Rumors are circulating that their may be a few surprise entrants in the Rumble match tonight. With only ten announced participants, that leaves 5 more spots that need to be filled tonight! This is a big match ladies and gentleman. And a huge honor to get a shot to main event the final show of the biggest year in the history of backyard wrestling.


Desperate Measures News!

Posted by onlineiwa on September 14, 2009 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (11)

Here is some news for September 14th, 2009!

  • Last night at Aftershock "Handsome" Tommy Kane issued a challenge to Jay Black for the Last Man Standing Match on Sunday Night! If Jay Black loses to Tommy Kane the only way he'll ever get another title shot is if he wins the 15 Man Rumble Match. If "Handsome" loses the title he will be the 15th man in the Rumble!
  • We can announce 10 of the 15 men in the Desperate Measures Rumble; they are as follows
  1. Dave Ball
  2. Mr. Friday Night
  3. Al Hammer
  4. The Janitor
  5. Inferno
  6. Trauma
  7. A Slap
  8. The Avenger
  9. Kid Cody
  10. "Handsome" Tommy Kane or Jay Black (depending on the outcome of their title match)
  • The final remaining men will be surpirse entrants this Sunday night at Desperate Measures. The winner of this Rumble will meet either IWA Champion: "Handsome" Tommy Kane or Jay Black on the final show of the year IWA Forever on Sunday Night October 18th!
  • Inferno defended his newly won onlineIWA Championship last night against Kid Cody and easily won his match, this Sunday at Desperate Measures Inferno must finish the feud once and for all with Trauma. This is the rubber match as they are tied at 1. This is Trauma's first title shot since being attacked by Dave Ball back at Fallout!
  • There is one more bonus match to be announced this Sunday night, this will be a surprise and will be announced on Sunday night.
  • IWA booker Jeremy Garofolo has stated that if we can draw 100 fans at any show by the end of the year he will give away TWENTY free DVD's to the lucky fans chosen at random. That DVD...THE SUMMER SPECTACLE!

Stay tuned for more news as we head into IWA Desperate Measures this Sunday Night!!!!


Posted by onlineiwa on September 10, 2009 at 11:26 PM Comments comments (6)

Here is some news as we head into Aftershock this Sunday night!

  • As you all know "Handsome" Tommy Kane defeated Jay Black to become the NEW IWA Champion at The Summer Spectacle this past Sunday. We can confirm that "Handsome" will kick off Aftershock on Sunday night to deliver his victory speech. What lies ahead as the Black Reign comes to an end and "Handsome"'s time arrives!
  • Announced at intermission at The Spectacle was the major announcement that the main event at Desperate Measures will be "The Rumble" with the winner to get a crack at the IWA Championship at IWA Forever at the end of the season. Four men involved in that match will compete on Sunday in a mini-Rumble. Those four men are: Dave Ball, Mr. Friday Night, Al Hammer, and The Janitor! Over the top rules!
  • The NEW onlineIWA Champion: Inferno is looking to defend his newly won title this Sunday night at Aftershock as he is looking to take on all challengers. Inferno shocked the world by defeating Zhane in a shocker this past Sunday!
  • Speaking of the onlineIWA Championship; we can sadly report that the former champion: Zhane has been forced to leave the IWA due to a knee injury suffered in his match with Inferno on Sunday Night. We thank Zhane for his contributions to the IWA!
  • Mr. Friday Night suffered a ankle injury on Sunday night after Dave Ball Awesome-Bombed him through a table. Mr. Friday has been cleared for action this Sunday night!
  • Former IWA Champion: Jay Black has not been seen or heard from since his loss on Sunday night, we expect Jay Black to be at Aftershock this Sunday night. It was announced that at Desperate Measures it's the rematch against "Handsome" Tommy Kane for the IWA Championship match in a LAST MAN STANDING MATCH!!

Stay tuned for more news as we head into Aftershock this Sunday night!


Posted by onlineiwa on August 24, 2009 at 4:31 PM Comments comments (23)

Here is your post overdrive news for Monday August, 24th:

  • There were no major injuries last night at IWA Overdrive.
  • Zhane was unable to attend the event due to a family emergancy 
  • This Sunday Night is the biggest event of the year: The Summer Spectacle! We have recieved news that the onlineIWA Championship match between onlineIWA Champion: Zhane and Challenger: Al Hammer will open the show. With the online rules, lord knows this is sure to be barn burner!
  • Last night during intermission IWA Booker: Jeremy Garofolo announced to the fans that something big is coming at Desperate Measures which is our next big event following The Summer Spectacle! What could the IWA have up it's sleeve? In a year that saw a new champion on the first show, a new title, and wrestling ring. What could be next?
  • Dave Ball is said to be furious at Mr. Friday Night due to the slap to the face at the end of Overdrive last night. This is one personal issue and this powder keg is going to explode this Sunday night. This match will be your match prior to the main event.
  • Speaking of main events this will be the fourth time that Jay Black takes on "Handsome" Tommy Kane. The first time these two met was in the finals for the IWA Championship in 2003 at Sudden Impact. Handsome came out on top during this show! In match two at Summer Slaughter last year saw these two men go to a no contest with neither man coming out on top. Match three was a ladder match at Desperate Measures where Jay Black defeated Tommy Kane on his path to claiming the IWA Championship at Returns! At The Summer Spectacle this Sunday night it's the rubber match! And the richest prize in backyard wrestling is on the line.

DO NOT MISS ONE MOMENT OF THE SUMMER SPECTACLE THIS SUNDAY NIGHT!!!! Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell his friend! Don't miss this show!!!


Posted by onlineiwa on August 19, 2009 at 2:04 PM Comments comments (1)

This weekend is Overdrive. As we head into the big show we should mention that we are only one week away from the BIGGEST SHOW OF THE YEAR: The Summer Spectacle on August 30th 2009!

  • You don't want to miss one second of Overdrive this weekend as the show will open with the contract signing for the main event at The Summer Spectacle between IWA Champion: Jay Black and #1 Contender: "Handsome" Tommy Kane! This is a can't miss moment in the IWA!
  • Also as announced this week on the site those two men will be on opposite sides as the main event for Overdrive is what could possibly be the biggest main event in IWA history; as Jay Black will team for the first time ever with Mr. Friday Night to take on "Handsome" and Dave Ball. Mr. Friday Night has a big score to settle with Dave Ball from two weeks ago when Ball smashed a head into MFN's head and left him laying for dead! There is also no love lost between Dave Ball and Jay Black as Black is the man who ended Ball's Title reign at Returns! Not to mention Dave Ball defeated his partner "Handsome" Tommy Kane for the IWA championship at New Era last year! Tensions will be running high this weekend in the main event!
  • We can also announce that this weekend the Avenger will be taking on the Jaintor in singles action! Janitor is involved in the big 4-Way Slaughter match at THE SUMMER SPECTACLE on August 30th! The other three men involved in that big 4-way match: Inferno, Kid Cody, and Trauma are all expected to be there this weekend at Overdrive.
  • The rest of the card is going to be announced here on the site tomorrow!

Stay tuned for more news as we head into the biggest two shows of the summer!

Post Sudden Impact News

Posted by onlineiwa on August 1, 2009 at 10:16 AM Comments comments (4)

Last Sunday night at Sudden Impact "Handsome" Tommy Kane defeated three men on his way to challenge Jay Black at THE SUMMER SPECTACLE on August 30th, 2009 for the IWA Championship! We are only a matter of weeks away from the biggest show of the year!

  • Announced live at Sudden Impact on SATURDAY night August 22nd the IWA will be presenting Overdrive! Last year we had one prior to IWA Forever and it was what many consider our finest show last year. This year will be no different as this year's event takes place one week PRIOR to The Summer Spectacle! This is sure to be a big preview of things to come at the biggest show of the year on the 30th!
  • Speaking of The Summer Spectacle we can announce one more match added to the card and it's a 4-Way Slaughter Elimination match to determine the #1 Contender for the onlineIWA Championship. This match will be between Kid Cody, Trauma, The Janitor, and Inferno! The winner will face the onlineIWA Champion at Desperate Measures in September!
  • Next Sunday night is IWA Aftershock! We can announce that the main event for this show will be between #1 Contender "Handsome" Tommy Kane and the man he defeated in the 1st round of the Tournament: The Janitor! Can the Janitor shock the world one more time and defeat the man who is red red hot!
  • We can also announce two more big matches for next Sunday as Mr. Friday Night will take on A Slap, and the Avenger will take on Dave Ball! Tensions are running high between Ball and MFN as the controversy surrounding the finals at Sudden Impact are sure to come to a head next Sunday night! Many within the IWA know that Dave Ball isn't happy that MFN stuck his nose into his business and cost him possibly his final crack at Jay Black and the IWA Championship. While MFN is NOT happy about losing to "Handsome" Tommy Kane in the 2nd round!
  • We know that onlineIWA Champion Zhane will be at Aftershock next weekend, but where does his intentions lie! We saw the champ insert himself as the special guest referee for Jay Black and Al Hammer's IWA Championship match last Sunday. And post match witnessed Zhane Attack Al Hammer only to have it broken up by Jay Black. Will Zhane continue his sneak attacks on Mr. Backyard Wrestling? Or will Al Hammer be the first to strike on Sunday night?
  • Head over to the power rankings page as it has been updated! Not to mention the Summer Spectacle page will be seeing frequent updates as we head into the big one on August 30th!
  • We are also here to report that both PPE and Scotty Jones have been released by the IWA. We wish them the best on their future endeavors

Stay tuned to more news on our site as this is for sure the biggest month of the year for the IWA!!

Sudden Impact is just TWO DAYS AWAY!

Posted by onlineiwa on July 24, 2009 at 3:32 PM Comments comments (1)

IWA Sudden Impact is just 2 DAYS AWAY! You do not want to miss one moment as this show will determine the #1 Contender for the main event at THE SUMMER SPECTACLE on August 30th for the IWA Championship! An 8-man tournament. The last time there was an 8 Man tournament in the IWA it was for the IWA Championship and "Handsome" Tommy Kane walked away with the title on that evening! This Sunday will be huge!

  • We are proud to announce the first round matches in order they will appear on the show this Sunday: The show will kick off with Dave Ball vs. Trauma, then "Handsome" Tommy Kane vs. The Janitor, PPE vs. Inferno, and Mr. Friday Night vs. Scotty Jones will round out the first round of the tournament.
  • The brackets will be posted near the entrace so the fans in attendance will be able to follow the winners and losers after each match-up.
  • The second round will begin after the first round is finished. Don't miss a single moment of the first round though, because the talent will be ready to go at bell time! No breaks during the first round. So don't miss out.
  • The Falls-count-anywhere match for the IWA Championship between: IWA Champion Jay Black and Al Hammer will take place before the final round of the tournament. The finals are your main event of the evening, so here is a rare chance to see the IWA title defended in a match that is not a main event.
  • As stated in our previous news post we are still not aware of how onlineIWA Champion: Zhane will take part on Sunday night, but our Director of Authority assures us that Zhane will be there in some capacity on Sunday night!
  • We are proud to announce that on Sunday we will be having a raffle for 3 IWA SHOWS ON DVD! A raffle ticket cost 1 dollar and we will be selling them in between the first and second round and the drawing will be held prior to the IWA Championship match. The 3 DVDs we will be raffling off are:


IWA Champion: "Handsome" Tommy Kane vs. Dave Ball

Al Hammer vs. Jay Black

Jobberman vs. Kid Cody

Zhane vs. The Janitor vs. AJ Stevenson

IWA Aftershock: Road to Desperate Measures

Featuring: Pocoloco vs. Zhane, Tommy Kane vs. Pocoloco, an In ring confrontation with Jay Black and Tommy Kane

plus...much much more

and Finally....


IWA Champion: Jay Black vs. Zhane

"Handsome" Tommy Kane vs. Al Hammer

Mr. Friday Night vs. The Janitor

The Cooney/Cody Foundation vs. Trauma and Scotty Jones

PPE vs. The Avenger!

You do not want to miss a single moment this Sunday night as we are on the road to our biggest show of the year: The Summer Spectacle. LIVE ON AUGUST 30th, 2009!!

See you all on Sunday night!

Sudden Impact this Sunday Night

Posted by onlineiwa on July 21, 2009 at 2:59 PM Comments comments (7)

Here is some news as we head into Sunday night's big 8-Man tournament at Sudden Impact!

  • We'd like to inform all of our loyal IWA fans that the footage for the onlineIWA Championship match between Zhane and The Janitor should be up by weeks end. We are working out all the kinks on how all of this is going to work, but we hope to have it online then.
  • As announced at intermission by Jeremy Garofolo the IWA Championship match between Champion: Jay Black and Challenger: Al Hammer will be a falls-count-anywhere match. These two men have a storied history that spans the HWF, SWF, and now the IWA. This will be the first time these two will have met since Aftershock last October where Al Hammer shocked the world and beat Jay Black. This is sure to be a big one.
  • We can confirm that Trauma vs. Dave Ball will be the first match to open up Sudden Impact and the first round on Sunday night! Check out the main page for all the bracket information!
  • We are expecting a record setting crowd on Sunday night, so if you are coming try to get there as early as possible because you don't want to miss any of the action.
  • New onlineIWA Champion Zhane does not have a match announced as of this time for Sudden Impact. One has to question where the DOA will put Zhane at Sudden Impact?
  • All tournament matches will be under strict rules, so DQ's will count. You cheat you don't advance.
  • Al Hammer was absent from Aftershock due to a transportation problem and will be there LIVE on Sunday night!
  • Mr. Friday Night re-injured his hip in his match with Kid Cody on Sunday night, and is expected to be healed up for his first round match against Scotty Jones!
  • Finally; we will be taking donations again on Sunday night to help us pay off our debts and whatnot. Not to mention there may be a special way 1 lucky fan could walk away with 3 free IWA DVDs. Stay tuned later this week for more details as they become available!!