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BIG News Update 8/15/2010

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I apologize for the lack of updates over the last few months, I need some fucking help on this site. Everyone wants videos, everyone wants content on this site, myself included. I'd like to see some goddamn pictures from recent shows. I told most everybody that this was going to turn into a multimedia site, as news can be passed once at a time to the masses through our facebook page . (I think you can actually view it from here #1 fan). Lol. Anyway, if anyone wants to help out, I'll post a forum where we can discuss ideas. On with the news update

  • The 2nd Annual IWA Summer Spectacle will take place on Sunday night, September 5, 2010 at Shots Club in South Sunny lorain, Ohio. This is labor day weekend by design. Despite the great debate about running shows on Saturday or Sunday, we have to cater to the availability of our workers before the fans. Most folks will have the next day off as it is a national holiday
  • Two big matches have been signed as Al Hammer will cash in his "golden opportunity" to challenge "Handsome" Tommy Kane for the IWA Championship in the Main Event.
  • Also, Inferno will meet Dave Ball one on one in a Special Grudge Match. If you haven't seen a show all year, these two have picked up where they left off at IWA Forever last fall. You surely don't want to miss this one!
  • The Ringer is still on the IWA Roster. He missed Outbreak 4 due to a stomach illness but will be there for Outbreak 5 this sunday. One can only wonder what Heath Decka thinks of all this.
  • Yes, Jay Black really did cut a piece of Mr Friday Night's hair off at Outbreak 4. In case anybody was wondering. These two have been at it non stop all summer and you have to expect that Mr Friday Night will have something in store for Jay Black, Trauma, Dom Bolt and Stansberry this week following the Black Army's vicious attack on the former teen idol. Things are getting.....hairy
  • The next big show after The Spectacle, and by big show, we mean DVD show, is IWA Over The Top on Sunday Night, September 26. Over The Top will feature IWA's Rumble Match and will be a precursor to the 2010 Season Finale, IWA Forever, tentatively scheduled for October 24. That is all for now, folks. If you have ideas about the site, and don't see a topic, start one

Memorial Day news for 5/31

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We would first like to thank all you fans who came out to Sudden Impact IV this past Saturday night! We are on the road to IWA Triumph which is on Saurday night: June 19th! Before then we head down to Outbreak: Episodes 3 & 4 on June 12th!

  • After the shocking turn of events that saw "Handsome" Tommy Kane defeat Mr. Friday Night to claim his 3rd IWA Championship; we can report that Mr. Friday Night will never recieve another IWA Championship match as long as "Handsome" is IWA Champion!
  • Those asking about Triumph? It will be a one night 8 man single elimination tournament with the winner getting a contract to face anyone, anywhere, and anytime! We can confirm tonight that four names have been announced already: Jay Black, Trauma, "Wildman" Zhane, and... "Mr. Friday Night"! The final four names are expected to be announced as we head towards Triumph
  • Al Hammer was seriously injured at the hands of Jay Black at Sudden Impact IV and has since left the IWA. Was that Al Hammer's final match in the IWA?
  • Also at Sudden Impact, Dave Ball used a loop-hole in the rules for the onlineIWA Championship to use the Dull Fan as a replacement in a match against Inferno. Thanks to help Dull Fan was there to shock the world as he defeated Inferno. Because of this at Outbreak on June 12th: Inferno will get a chance to dish out some revenge on the Dull Fan!
  • Also on Episode 3 you will see two qualifying matches for Triumph! We will announce those two matches for you at the end of this week.
  • We expect to see NEW IWA Champion: "Handsome" Tommy Kane on Episode 3! What will the 3 time champion have to say about his win at Sudden Impact IV!
  • Two new superstars will wrestle in a dark match before out break as Thunderbolt will take on Psycho
  • And finally we can announce the main event for Episode 4 of Outbreak will see a tag team match between The Black Army (Jay Black and Trauma) as they take on Wildman Zhane and "Mr. Friday Night". Those four men have no love lost between one another as Black and Zhane are brothers, Zhane defeated Trauma at Sudden Impact, and Mr. Friday Night vs. Jay Black has been a red hot feud!

Look for more news as we head into Outbreak: Episodes 3 & 4 and Triumph!

Final news entry before Sudden Impact IV

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This Saturday night LIVE from sunny Lorain, Ohio is IWA Sudden Impact IV. This is YOUR final news update before the big show to close out our amazing month of May!

  • BREAKING NEWS: Inferno is out! That's right, Inferno is out of this Saturday night's matchup with onlineIWA Champion Dave Ball. We do not know if and when we will ever see Inferno in a IWA ring ever again. With that we can promise that onlineIWA Champion: Dave Ball will open the show on Saturday night. Who knows what Ball will say or do with a live microphone. Let alone will he finally defend the onlineIWA Championship?
  • Jay Black and Al Hammer is your match that will take place before the main event and it is a grudge match which means there are no rules. Al Hammer has never beaten Jay Black in a IWA Ring. Will this be the first time the 14 year veteran beat Jay Black or will it be a Black OUT!?
  • Newly announced to the card will be Avenger taking on A-slap. A-Slap debuted a new sidekick in the Ruff-Neck at Outbreak. We've got word that those two men will be shooting something exclusive for the web here shortly.
  • If you haven't checked it out, check out IWA Outbreak on the the main page. The second Outbreak featuring that big six man elimination match, will be online hopefully sometime this weekend.
  • After Sudden Impact IV the IWA will present to you IWA Triumph. The 8 man single Elimination tourny. We can already confirm that the loser of the the main event at Sudden Impact IV will get the top spot! In a different twist the winner of Triumph will get a shot at anyone, anywhere, anytime!
  • Rumors are circulating that our big show in July: Desperate Measures will feature specialty matches only.
  • And finally the feud comes to a close on Saturday night as IWA Champion: Mr. Friday Night wrestles "Handsome" Tommy Kane for the very last time!

We look forward to you all joining us this Saturday night for the IWA's longest running show: Sudden Impact IV!

News Update

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Late here on Sunday night and it's time for a news update:

  • Our internet show Outbreak will be uploaded by the end of the evening tonight. So be sure to check back for a full update on our main page involving that.
  • Next weekend is Sudden Impact IV and we've got two big rumors heading in:
  • #1 The finish to Mr. Friday Night and "Handsome" Tommy Kane's IWA Championship match has been a tight lipped secret with nobody letting out any details as this is sure to be your Match of the Year. Many are even speculating that the finish hasn't even been laid out
  • #2 Rumor has it that Dave Ball will not be ready next weekend and will have to vacat the onlineIWA Championship to longtime rival Inferno.
  • Time will tell if these rumors will come true
  • Also next week for the fans we will be selling 3 DVD's for $5 dollars: Those shows are Sudden Impact 3 from July of last year, Desperate Measures which has our Fall Classic the Rumble, and Returns 2010 with the must see main event of Jay Black vs. Mr. Friday Night

Look back tomorrow for a more full on update once OUTBREAK makes it's long awaited internet debut! Don't forget: Sudden Impact IV LIVE! Saturday night May 29th!

Update Post-Outbreak (5/17)

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  • Outbreak was a huge success although several workers weren't as pleased with their performances. The crowd loved it and the gang warfare concept went over extremely well.
  • IWA Sudden Impact IV is up next. The card was announced this weekend and is now on the Sudden Impact IV section of this site. There are 4 matches announced and there will also be a special bonus match announced on May 29th. The bonus match will not feature any newcomers
  • Al Hammer's heartfelt speech was well recieved by the boys in the back and the crowd really ate it up. It's not often that our fans actually let the person with the mic talk, but they did despite many "Please Don't Go" chants. Hammer was on the verge of hanging it up and calling it quits when he was interrupted and humiliated by the diabolical Jay Black. Black challenged Hammer to do something, anything. To stand up and fight, or stand behind him in the war that Mr Black swears is coming. We now know that Al Hammer will meet Jay Black in a Special Grudge Match at Sudden Impact IV. And in case you're new here, these "special grudge matches" are where anything and everything will happen.
  • Many were shocked at the open of the show when IWA Champion, Mr Friday Night attacked "Handsome" Tommy Kane from behind then accepted the challenge at Sudden Impact IV, where they will meet one last time.
  • It seems that lack of focus that had bothered Trauma towards the end of the season has carried on into this season. Despite a warmer reception this year, Trauma has now officially aligned himself with Jay Black in hopes that he will finally find success under the Man In Black
  • "Handsome" Tommy Kane's Passion Video remix will debut on this site this week, so stay tuned as next week will debut Jay Black's and then on May 29th, Mr Friday night's will debut on this site.
  • the innaugural edition od IWA Outbreak is on a saturday deadline, meaning the show should air in the outbreak section of this site by saturday night
  • More DVD's will be available for purchase on the 29th. Including  Sudden Impact 3, Desperate Measures 2009 and IWA Returns 2010 will be available for $5 each. You can reserve yourself a copy by sending an email to [email protected] to say which one or any special requests. We will have your order ready at Sudden Impact IV

Outbreak is This Saturday night!

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Here we are with a quick news update as we head into the very first Outbreak tapings this

Saturday night!

  • Many rumors are circulating about the 2nd show taping on Saturday night. The entire card has basically been announced for the 1st taping and we have yet to hear any news about the 2nd taping; this has lead to a number of rumors
  • Rumor has it that the finish to the Jay Black/MFN match on the 1st taping is really up in the air as the IWA is looking to shake things up on this very first Outbreak as a way to get the crowd talking. Many are saying that they expect Jay Black to capture his 2nd IWA Championship via beating Mr. Friday Night to set up a 3-way with "Handsome" Tommy Kane at Sudden Impact IV
  • "Handsome" Tommy Kane has not been announced for either taping yet either for that matter; and many question what the #1 contender has up his sleeves after his brutal assault on the "Wildman" and his sneak attack on IWA Champion: Mr. Friday Night at the end of Returns
  • A lot within the IWA expect onlineIWA Champion: Dave Ball to be on hand at the tapings and the rumor is that IWA will be stripping Ball of the title due to him not being able to compete due to his injury.
  • We reported in our last news update that Al Hammer has requested a special interview segment on the 1st edition of Outbreak. Word on the street is that Al Hammer is going to announce his retirement from the IWA and backyard wrestling...
  • Have we seen the last of Inferno? He was unable to attend Returns and may not be Outbreak

Stay tuned for one more news update later this week as we head into the very first ever tapings of IWA Outbreak! Come out and join the fun as this will be posted on the internet a few days later! Come be a part of history this Saturday night for IWA Outbreak!


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Some fresh news for 5/5/10

  • Coming off the heels of the red-hot IWA Returns the IWA looks to debut our new internet show Outbreak on Saturday night May 15th! We'll be taping two shows as we head into Sudden Impact IV on Saturday Night, May 29th!
  • First thing is first at Sudden Impact IV the main event will be for the IWA Championship it's: IWA Champion- Mr. Friday Night vs. "Handsome" Tommy Kane: The Final Chapter. This is the last time these two men will meet for the title. And the only way to win is by pinfall or submission. This historic feud comes to it's final chapter at Sudden Impact IV; where last year "Handsome" Tommy Kane pinned MFN. "Handsome" is 7-0 at Sudden Impact.
  • But before then, Mr. Friday Night must defend his IWA Championship on the very first edition of Outbreak against the man he pinned at Returns....Jay Black!! If Jay Black wins the title the match at Sudden Impact will become a 3-way dance!
  • Also at Outbreak A Slap will take on Trauma, Trauma comes off the shocking loss at the hands of TJ Phenom at Returns. Can Trauma get back on the rails with a win?
  • Another superstar who suffered a major defeat at Returns: Al Hammer; will also be live in person! Al Hammer has requested a special interview segment to address his loss at Returns!
  • Another shocking returns was "Wildman" Zhane who took two gruesome chair shots at Returns and laid out the Ref afterwards. Will we see the Wildman make another unforgettable appearance at the debut show of Outbreak!?
  • onlineIWA Champion: Dave Ball walked off the set at Returns during his heated interview, but we still do not know the fate of the onlineIWA Championship? Will the champ be on hand at Outbreak?

Stay tuned for more news as we head into the very first taping of IWA Outbreak on May 15th, 2010!


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Here is your final news update for the EVE of IWA Returns!

  • The final card is as follows:

IWA Championship

IWA Champion: Mr. Friday Night vs. Challenger: Jay Black

Trauma vs. A Slap

Kid Cody vs. Avenger vs. Operation CV

Al Hammer vs. Dull Fan

onlineIWA Champion: Dave Ball will announce his future after his car accident from a few months ago

And who will "Handsome" Tommy Kane be wrestling now that Inferno is out of action for the time being??

  • There has been plenty of speculation as who will "Handsome" Tommy Kane be wrestling? All we know is that he will be opening the show tomorrow night. And the former IWA champion will have lots to say!
  • Not much has been said of seen from Zhane since Jay Black attacked him at Forever, will we see the "Wildman" tomorrow night?
  • Two new IWA stars will be making their debut tomorrow night: Operation CV and the Dull Fan. This is their chance to prove themselves in the IWA
  • A third unamed star will be making his debut really soon...
  • We are looking to fill the void left in the authority figure role and are openly seeking new talent to use in the IWA!
  • Jay Black has been very vocal about Mr. Friday Night and the fans of the IWA; tomorrow night will be Jay Black's first title shot since he lost to "Handsome" at Desperate Measures. Jay Black has the chance to go 2-0 in the main event at IWA Returns.
  • Tomorrow night is Mr. Friday Night's first title defense and can he overcome the Darkest hour or will it be a one night stand for Jay Black? Be there tomorrow night at 6 for the kickoff of the 2010 season! It's IWA Returns!!

I do update the news

Posted by onlineiwa on April 26, 2010 at 10:41 PM Comments comments (3)

Returns is this Saturday night and I'm sure you want a news update, because there are two or three of you out of the "loop"

  • #1 above all else is that this Saturday night is IWA Returns and the card is very much up in the air
  • Inferno is possibly out which puts his match against "Handsome" Tommy Kane up in the air, but have no fear there will be a sutible replacement.
  • We are looking into having new talent added this year, and one of two new IWA stars "Operation" CV will be looking to operate this Sunday night as he takes on Avenger and A Slap in a Triple Threat match
  • Dave Ball suffered a possible career ending injury in a car accident a few months ago, and the current onlineIWA champion will announce his future plans to OPEN the show on Saturday night.
  • IWA Outbreak will make it's debut on May 22nd with a two show taping. This internet only show takes the place of the dead Aftershock. This will be a very different type of show and we all look forward to giving you something groundbreaking like you've never seen before.
  • There is a brand new set being built for the IWA and will make it's debut this Saturday night at Returns
  • IF there is a thunderstorm Returns will be moved to Sunday night
  • You can find all IWA videos on youtube under the onlineIWA account and all behind the scenes breaking news that you can't find anywhere else will be broken by Jeremy Garofolo on the IWA's twitter account @onlineIWA
  • Finally Jay Black is said to be more motivated than ever before and feels the fans have betrayed all his hard work he has put in for the previous two years. He plans to unleash his anger and hate towards YOU the fans this Saturday night on your fan favorite IWA Champion: "Mr. Friday Night"

We look forward to you all joining us this Saturday night for IWA Returns

Even More News This Week

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Even more news this very very very busy week!

  • Heading into IWA Forever we can announce the final two matches to round out the big card
  • The first match is a match that was part of a greater history of the IWA and that is Al Hammer vs. The Janitor. These two men were the first real "feud" the IWA ever had back in 2003 with the Janitor coming back for more and more against the solid vetern in Al Hammer. And at the beginning of our 2008 season these two wrestled in the main event on the very first ever Aftershock in a last-man standing match! AT Forever it's the final farewell as these two men will wrestle for the very last time as it's No-Holds Barred and the loser must retire from the IWA....Forever!!
  • The 2nd Match is going to be A-Slap vs. The Avenger! These two men had a strong showing in the Rumble at Desperate Measures! IWA officials have decided that they will meet at Forever!
  • That's the full card for IWA Forever!
  • Five BIG MATCHES announced as we say goodbye to the IWA in 2009!
  • We can also announce that on MAY 2nd, 2010 the IWA RETURNS....again. That's right on MAY 2ND, 2010 it's IWA Returns 2!!!