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IWA Heavyweight Championship (2003 -)

Date             Champion                                           Via                                          Show

7/2003         "Handsome" Tommy Kane                Jay Black (1)                            Sudden Impact

07/3/08      Dave Ball                                       "Handsome" Tommy Kane     New Era

05/3/09      Jay Black                                        Dave Ball                                Returns

09/6/09      "Handsome" Tommy Kane             Jay Black                          The Summer Spectacle

10/18/09     Mr Friday Night                          "Handsome" Tommy Kane     Forever

05/29/10     "Handsome" Tommy Kane             Mr Friday Night                  Sudden Impact IV

09/05/10     Al Hammer                                "Handsome" Tommy Kane     The Summer Spectacle

(1) -Denotes vacant title claimed in 8 Man Tournament Final

OnlineIWA Championship (2009-2010)

The OnlineIWA Championship may only be contested under certain rules that include a 10 minute time limit, and strict disqualifications to where the championship may change hands via count outs or disqualifications. Failure to beat the champion in under 10 minutes is not considered a time limit draw, but a win and successful title defense for the champion, as well as a loss for the challenger 

Date             Champion                                           Via                                          Show

07/04/09      The Janitor                              Zhane                                                          FallOut!!

07/18/09     Zhane                                     The Janitor                               Aftershock

09/06/09     Inferno                                   Zhane                                     The Summer Spectacle 

10/18/09     Dave Ball                                Trauma (1)                                      Forever

08/01/10     The Dull Fan                           The Avenger (2)                           Desperate Measures  

09/05/10     Trauma                                   The Dull Fan                           The Summer Spectacle

(1) Denotes Trauma takes fall in Triple Threat Match where Inferno was also involved

(2) Denotes The Avenger takes fall in Four Corners Match where Dave Ball, A-Slap were also involved

***As of 11/01/2010 the Online Title is no longer recognized by IWA